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Guild Wars BWE Log #1

I’ve been playing the Beta Weekend Event for a bit and I must say that it is truly something special. It is definitely an MMO but it does not feel nearly as tedious; If you don’t want to do the main tasks right now, you can go exploring; If you don’t want to go exploring, you can craft and gather materials for items or even chat with other players.

Something to note is the combat system. I am most definitely impressed with how convincing it is as opposed to many other MMO’s; One may be running down a path and exploring and then a giant stampede will come out of nowhere and the player will find himself in the midst of a defense dynamic event. The events may seem random at first but, as you go through it, you will find that they are, in fact, very logical.

If you find yourself in a battle, you will quickly notice that it feels like an authentic war; There will be clusters of players fighting enemies that will scale in difficulty as more players join. Each player becomes increasingly invaluable at this point; no player will feel like dead weight; unless, of course, you are actually dead. ;D

There is NO level grinding; this is one of the much hated aspects of MMOs you will find that you will be able to level up much easier than other MMOs because you get experience for:

  • Completing Events
  • Completing The Storyline
  • Exploring the World
  • and various tasks…

Guild wars 2 is very fun, very engaging, very immersive, with a much needed twist on the way that people play MMOs.

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